A Long Way Back

THERE ARE TWO directions from South Korea to Canada: a long way back, and a short one. I’m not speaking in metaphors here: one is literally 10,799 kilometres, while the other is closer to 15,444. According to this online distance calculator, when I tried to drag the location marker across to Toronto from Busan over Europe, by around Iceland it simply suggested flying over the North Pole instead, which is apparently more aerodynamically logical.

From my perspective, what’s more logical than spending $1,400 on a one-way, minimum 13-hour airplane trip is to spend an extra $700-ish and stop off along the way at Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Jordan and whatever makes sense in Europe—these are countries I have never seen, and may never again be in the neighbourhood of. Sure, transport costs alone don’t factor in hotels, food or entrance fees, but, as anyone who feels travel worth the investment will tell you, what else is there to spend money on?

This blog will do what all travel blogs do, detailing the whole process and keeping readers updated with logistics (ticket prices, packing), personal trivia (hi Mom!) and, of course, on-the-ground stories from around the world. I’ll be re-posting a few old stories I’ve published from around Asia in anticipation, and keep you all up to date on new stories that develop in the next few months. Already my notepad has been brimming with bizarre incidents and thoughts on a recent Southeast Asian jaunt, which will be posted throughout the months leading up to our end-of-August departure.

So, though it’s my first time really promoting myself, I guess this is where I awkwardly ask you to “follow me”, or find me on Twitter, or do whatever it is that signifies anyone other than a few of my Facebook friends are interested in this blog. I’d appreciate it.

With unprecedented sincerity,


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